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First Lady

Lady Gibson, a native of Altavista, Virginia, is the only daughter born to Edward P. and the late, Julie Hubbard Rice. She attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC where she majored in Public Administration.  Lady Margo has an extensive background in Accounting, Finance, and Accounts Receivable and is currently employed with KBI Biopharma, a pharmaceutical manufacturer.  She is a proud and dedicated mother of one daughter, Chelsey and three sons, Lamont, Myles and Trenton. She is also the proud grandmother of two, Malachi and Nola. Lady Margo, as she is affectionately called, cherishes and believes in family as the cornerstone of all that we do and accomplish in life. She can often be overheard encouraging others with her life’s motto, “Family is EVERYTHING.” 

Lady Margo believes that our lives are living testimonies of what God is able to do through His power and grace. She also believes that whatever we have experienced in life is not only for God’s Glory, but to encourage others that God is Able to heal, deliver and set free. She is a Cancer Conqueror and Stroke survivor, which has propelled her into a ministry of help and encouragement to those who are fighting their own battles. Lady Margo is a virtuous woman of God that strives to be a beacon of light that reflects Christ in all that she does. In her own ministry, she is often heard saying "In this journey, remember: it's not about me, it's not about you; it's all about God."

She is a strong supporter of the vision that God has placed over Redeeming Love through her husband, Reverend Mark T. Gibson, and recognizes the importance of supporting him and the congregation through her intercessory fasting and praying.   

She is a worshiper, a praiser, a prayer warrior, a counselor, a friend…she is a Child of God. Her greatest desire is that God would use her as an instrument to His glory, to share the good news of Christ to others.